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If You Could Wish For One New Restaurant on Green Lanes What Would it Be?

Walking home this evening I saw some guys in Shamata. After chatting with them, I wondered if we could wish for one new restaurant on Green Lanes what would it be?

Now, for me If there was somewhere I could get arepa like the Venezuelan mom'n'pop place in Crystal Palace, that would be fine and dandy.

What about you?

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Kentucky Fried Chicken, please

The one in Crouch End has closed

Honestly, John! This is a middle class forum thank you very much.

In Germany they are called 'Kentucky schreit ficken'  Google translator is your friend- as JohnD (in)famously said.


That's not what I heard today.
Korean or Japanese would be good.
A decent Chinese would be good. China City is pretty lousy.
This has just appeared at the top of Harringay Road on West Green Road - opposite Buonissimo. Not open yet but they don't seem far off.

Fingers crossed. We need a decent Chinese. It's a human right.

That just reminded me that a few years back there used to be a restaurant advertising itself as Chinese-Albanian somewhere along there - I always wondered quite what that would be like.

That's pushing fusion a bit too far.

What's happening with the Vietnamese place that used to be a creperie? 



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