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Would anyone like to take this Ikea chair for free. The cover is removable. Barely used! I've posted it on facebook too, so first callers etc.

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Hi Rob

I'd happily collect it from you to use as a desk chair. my one is so uncomfortable.

Can collect tomorrow.


Hi Sally, no problem, it's quite low, so not sure how it would be at a desk... I'll send you a connection request and pm you my number, thanks , Rob .

That’s great, thanks Rob. The problem is my screen is much lower than my desk chair that doesn’t lower to same level so getting a sore neck looking down, so am pleased to hear it’s quite low, might be just perfect ergonomically, but if not, we need a single chair in the living room anyway, so is certainly going to a good home!

Grand, I have sent you a connection request, PM your phone number and we'll arrange something.


If the chair is still available, I'd also be interested. Please let me know if it hasn't already been collected by Sally and I could come around and get it.


Hi Josephine,

I collected the chair, but my husband is not getting along with it! Our flat is very small and thought it would fit in nicely if I couldn't use as an office chair, but sadly not, so feel free to come and collect from me at New River Village, Hornsey if you'd still like it. Such a shame, cos it's so comfortable!


Hi Sally,

 I sent you a private message about the chair. Are you available on Tuesday evening? Also, it would be good to have your exact address.


Hi Josephine,

yes saw email that you had sent me a private message, but haven’t had time to read it yet. Tues eve is fine to collect before 7pm as I have a class to get to and will PM my address. Cheers, Sally



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