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I'm an Illustration graduate from Harringay and I'm looking for a full time job. Ideally something creative, similar to my degree. I can use the Adobe Suite to a competent level and am also willing to learn new software and skills. I also have basic animation knowledge. I've been freelancing for a few years and working part time at a cinema but want something with more structure and stability. You can see my work at https://max-wilkins.com/ and my CV is attached. If anyone has any suggestions then please let me know. Thanks!

Kind regards,

Max Wilkins

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Have you looked here? 

Yeah I have signed up to that and am looking at a few similar sites, thanks for the tip!

You should be able to find some entry level jobs in the film industry here. https://www.a-p-a.net/jobs/ 

Unpaid intern jobs :(



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