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So my laptop screen cracked leaving me with 1/3 of screen and millions of people on Twitter at risk of dying of boredom as I could not tweet as often.

I thought about buying a new laptop. I thought about calling the UN for assistance.

Then a few people on referred me to HoL and the posts about Marek. He was more loved than Nutella. So I emailed him.

I got a fast reply and after a few emails, he came on his white horse (well push bike, no room on my road to park a horse sadly). 

He got the details of my screen, ordered it and today came around to fit it. All (new screen and fix) was £80 - way cheaper than a new laptop, I now have extra money for my make up!

Talking of make-up, yes sadly Marek had to come early today and saw me without my make-up. It was a scary experience for him, but he handled it well. 

Highly recommend him.

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Who cracked your screen in the first place and why did they crack it?

I see why you're fighting UKIP so hard. Your future job in the BBC's comedy department is in jeopardy.

Seema I'm sure you look better without make up, but if I win the 3 pairs of false eyelashes donated by the Pharmacy on Stroud Green Road as a raffle prize in the Stroud Green WI Winter Fair next Saturday, I will give them to you! Or better still do come along yourself. It's in aid of Open Door and the fair is at the Stapleton Tavern from noon till 4 pm on Saturday 22nd November. I believe one of the prizes is a manicure.

If Seema goes, I'll go :)



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