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In flower at the moment, and dotted about Harringay as street trees, is the other worldly and beautiful magnolia tree.

One of the most ancient of flowering trees at around 95 million years old, it evolved before bees, so it was mainly pollinated by beetles hence the tough petals of the goblet bloom and its star-shaped flowers.

Below is a quick photo study of a small magnolia at the bottom of Cavendish but when you see a large one of these flowering (there used to be one on Seymour as I recall) it is quite a heart-stopping moment, all the more so if you consider that this is a tree that was part of a pre-historic landscape. As Robert Macfarlane puts it  "they bloom both in spring time and in deep time"

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You made my day - so beautiful! THANKS. Around us they are all in bloom delighting us to no end. Didn't know they were that old!!!

There is a huge magnolia tree on Chesterfield gardens. You must see it. Thanks for the lovely photo. 

My parents in Denmark were given a small magnolia as a wedding present 55 years ago. Sadly my mum passed away last year but the tree is stunning and its an annual event when it bursts in to bloom.



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