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We've just found this poor little thing sitting in our flower bed. We live on one of the Ladder roads. It's got a horrible head injury and we can't tell if it's recent or not. Either way, we're going to call the RSPCA for advice, but if it's your cat please can you message us urgently as he/she needs help!

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did the RSPCA scan him/her/ Did you take it to a vet? 

I would be surprised if RSPCA would come out to be honest.

Can you pick the poor cat up and take him to the vets to be scanned/taken care for?

Poor cat not only injured but very skinny too...

Any update on this cat pls?

He/she got spooked when we tried to pick him/her up and ran away. Not been back to our garden since.

I would still contact Cats Protection and put some food out to see if the cat comes back then try to catch him/her. Poor thing must be in a lot of pain

We can't put food out unfortunately because there is a pack of foxes roaming our gardens at the moment and we'd be putting our own cat and our neighbours' cats at risk of being attacked. We're looking out for it constantly though and are hoping it will come back so we can help it.

Foxes do not attack cats xx

Yes they do! Our old cat got caught by one coming through the cat flap and it got his tail. Vet confirmed it was a fox bite. 


My 4 cats play in the garden with foxes. They do not attack adult cats - they may go for a little kitten or a very old cat (who should not be outside on its own anyway) ...

Our cat who was seriously injured by a fox was not old at the time (he's since passed away, hence why I referred to him as our old cat) nor was he a kitten. I also know of other "middle aged" cats on the Ladder who have been attacked by foxes.

I think we'll have to agree to disagree on this!

I've seen a fox go for a cat in my garden, and very nearly caught it.

This happened to my cat too. Bitten around the back end coming throught he cat flap. :(



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