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Hello everyone

I’d like to introduce myself – I’m Marika Gauci and I will be running the new Chestnuts Market held at Chestnuts Primary School. N15.  Launch date is Sunday March 15th, which is Mothers Day,  then every Sunday. 11am – 3pm.

A brief background: I previously worked in the music business: performing, recording, song-writing and event management for many years before trading up for the glorious food industry! 

Inspired by visits to the legendary Borough Market, I started assisting in cookery schools, trained and worked as a professional chef, organized many pop ups and catered for films. In 2009 I started my own small cookery school www.marikas-kitchen.com where my pie classes in particular took off, and to this day, I run large Pie making workshops in the City. In collaboration with www.school-of-booze.com we run Pie Making/Beer Tasting classes for parties and corporate events. I am also a published author of a cookery book – The Little Book Of Pies (Square Peg) and have appeared on television and radio including the Good Food Network and BBC London.

As a Green Lanes resident for 17 years now, I deeply love the area and passionately believe in contributing to the continued improvement of the locality in any way I can: I covered management of the previous Harringay Market for 6 weeks and also supply our www.harringaylocalstore.co.uk with fresh hot pies three times a week.

I believe the location www.chestnutsprimary.com is perfect for a local market as we are a short walk from the High Street, are on two main roads and opposite is Chestnuts park –the park café is not open Sundays, so think of those sunny days where you can get scrumptious treats and drinks for your picnic.  The area incorporates Tottenham, Haringey and Harringay.  The School has kindly aloud us all to use the front playgrounds, so lots of playing for the children whilst parents and friends relax on the plentiful seating and shaded areas.

I hope I qualify running this new market for our area, I have lots of plans and excited to share with you.  I am lucky to have some really amazing local friends who are helping me (Martha, Emily, Helen, Cara, Jorja, Georgina and Clive) Thanks guys!

I have secured some wonderful producers and food stalls already – but we are always looking for more, please do get in touch ASAP if you would like to join the fun or have any suggestions.




Will keep you all informed – Bye for now.


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Sorry Mel - everything in Tottenham especially is a political statement it does my nut in. If your enterprise does not appeal to every single perceived ethnic socio economic grouping then certain individuals will hound you online, or flood the council with FOI requests just like the ones who killed off Tottenham Green market.

To be fair, for every po-faced whinging comment there are invariably ten supportive ones, so I wouldn't take it too seriously or engage with the negativity. The footfall and general good vibes at this weekend's event tell quite a different story, after all.

I happen to know that a lot of the traders at this event support important initiatives and champion causes that we should all be getting behind if we can afford to do so . Can't really see any rational arguments to the contrary.

I know abster but all it takes is for someone from chestnuts to worry that the market might generate negative publicity due to a teeny tiny self entitled shouty minority and they will pull the plug like with tottenham.

It's a great idea. Chestnuts Park is used by many local groups. On Sunday the playground is home to Columbian Volleyball. They tend to bring their own food but just shows there is a market for your market. 

Don't think there are many farmers at farmers markets. 'Bout time for a rebrand. 

Hi Marika- Great news.  I think everyone was sad to see the old market go, so great to see someone taking up the helm.  I hope it goes well. 

Cheers David !! very kind

Very excited about this Marika! 

Yay Natalie!

Hi gang - Check out our Twitter and Face book pages above - I am drip feeding one at a time the new Stars of Chestnuts every day ....  

Here is the new flyer - you should receive one way or another designed by local girl Georgie Hewitt.

It's all looking fantastic Marika - well done! Very excited to hear we still have a market in our area on a Sunday

cheers Emma x

Hi Marika,

Cristina here. A great idea, congrats!!

I am interested in arts & crafts. Are you thinking in this option for the market?

I make leather notebooks and calligraphy A4, A3 and postcards. I could email some pics of my work :)





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