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Last night I was woken up at 5 by a someone trying to get in through the window.  I fearlessly opened the curtains to find a fox on the window sill, digging up my window boxes.  The cheeky blighter stared at me then hopped off to the end of the garden to moan for a while.  Anyone know why on earth a fox would want to dig up my primroses?

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Squirrels hide food in planters, foxes know this and go looking for it. Foxes have also dug into some of my planters this week. (at first i thought it was one of my neighbours)

Hmm.... Entertainment?  Malice?  Boredom?   I can sympathise as my garden's also taken a bit of a hit this winter from scratching, moaning, demolishing, defecating foxes. 


Bearing in mind the proposed upcoming "free debate" in parliament on the Hunting Act, any other gardeners in favour of petitioning our local MP to pull a U-turn on this topic and work towards instigating a Harringay Hunt....?! ;)*


* NB: Joke. ALF please do not firebomb my flat. Thanks.  

A fox keeps avidly digging up my primroses too! how strange!

A fox once went into my neighbours house via the cat flap, pooped in the cats water bowl and legged it!
At least that was the cats excuse

Foxes do some odd stuff as some of our fox posts will show:

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To give to a vixen at Hornsey School for Vixens



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