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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

According to this article in the Express, the answer is yes - we are no 10 on the map.

Out on Green Lanes, you'd think there was no such thing as a pandemic happening....

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It's a worrying trend nationally. But with regard to the local count, it's not good, but it's not as bad as the marking of Haringey as number 10 makes it seem. This number doesn't represent our ranking; it seems to be an arbitrary identifier. In fact, if you rank the results by the rate of increase, with an increase of 100% (or from 3 cases to 6 cases), Haringey is joint 19th out of 36.

The numbers in the map are in alphabetical order...

Thanks. Given people’s predisposition to see things like this as rankings, it’s an odd choice.

Yes, particularly given the headline

It is the Express Julie!

Hi Maddy, this shows Haringey went from recording 0.75 cases a day to 0.85 cases a day, I wouldn't be too worried. Mind you its only Pillar 1 tests, the true figure will be much higher but the gov won't release pillar 2 results by area for who knows what reasons.

Green Lanes seemed alright to me but I cycled past Beans & Barley the other eve and the terrace was heaving with people drinking. Wasn't clear that was allowed as yet, seems pretty dumb in the circumstances, but hey. Stay safe / 'alert'

The FT has got a good story today on the scandal of the 'Pillar 2' test results not getting to local councils in England; Pillar 1 is tests done in NHS facilities, Pillar 2 is the privatised testing service that the Government created [drive in centres (no good if you don't have a car) & post-out tests].

e.g. in Leicester you can't see an outbreak in the Pillar 1 data, you have to see the Pillar 2 - which the Council has only recently received & which the Government does not publish.

"According to published data for Leicester, the city recorded just 80 new positive tests between June 13-26. But health secretary Matt Hancock revealed that there were in fact 944 as he announced the decision to tighten the lockdown in Leicester, closing non-essential shops and ordering schools to shut to all non-key worker pupils by Thursday"

Any chance of posting the article or part of it Michael as there is a paywall.

Many of the Pillar 2 operations are run by private contractors, there had been problems from the outset in that they did not collect the basic identifying data (i.e. their NHS number) and attach this to the tests so that it would link to their NHS case notes, and then on to their GPs, and did not collect phone numbers so that the patients could be contacted afterwards. Chessington test centre was closed early on as it was so bad. Companies running these centres were Deloitte, other centres run by Boots and Serco.

April 23-The Guardian ran a story 2 months ago saying how many problems there were in the private test centres,https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/23/hospitals-sound-alarm...

Hi Maggie - the important part is that pillar 2 tests (privately run by Deloitte and others) are now the majority of the tests. And there is no local data provided for these / shared with local authorities on a daily basis. Mostly because the government, when writing the contracts for the private companies, didn't require them to collect and share identifying data as you state.

This is leaving areas with developing problems - Leicester, Bradford, Barnsley, Rochdale - in the dark until central government decides to share info with them. Which for Leicester took three weeks, and was mostly revealed via leaks to the papers. 

The graph below is from the article and sums up the problem. The blue bars are what Leicester council were being told the situation was until a few days ago. 

So we are basically a long way from a useful 'track and trace' system after all of this time even without the 'world beating' App that was to be ready for June 1st. It beggars belief.

Since the beginning of the pandemic the NHS professionals working in the area of infectious disease stated that they would be in a position to work on 'track and trace', this being their area of expertise, but oh no it had to be put out to private contractors with no experience in the area at all. Another cock up.

Thanks for the info Costa, no wonder the Mayor of Leicester and Leicester health officials were so frustrated. What a mess to add to all the other ones in this pandemic.

Contractors only do wats in the contract. If som fool asks them to do the wrong thing its there own fawlt. So much waist in the public sector becorse of this happens all the time

There has been a change in the base number over the two weeks.  Below from the Yorkshire Post (on the issue of Doncaster]

Dr Rupert Suckling, Director of Public Health at Doncaster Council, said in a statement: “More data is now becoming available nationally and this will be open to scrutiny and speculation."

He added that there had been a high number of positive cases since figures started including 'pillar 2' results from swab testing of the wider population.

Previous only 'pillar 1' results, based on swab testing in labs and NHS hospitals for those with a clinical need, and health and care workers, were reported.

Dr Suckling said: "Since the reporting of both pillar 1 and pillar 2 testing we have seen a high number of positive cases beginning with the week 25th to 31st May and this coincided with widespread testing in our care homes where we identified a number of asymptomatic positive cases”



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