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A HoL member got in touch earlier to let me know that HoL was displaying strangely for him. Unable to replicate the issues, I've checked with others and they can't replicate it either. All other websites are displaying normally for him, but two other websites I asked him to try that use the same software as HoL show the same behaviour.

Has anyone else got the same issue? Can anyone hazard a guess at what the problem might be?

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I've had this exact issue and some similar website-not-showing-format-very-well issues with HoL recently, but only when I look at it on my work computer. I assumed it was something to do with the firewall or other security measures on the work system. Until a couple of weeks ago, I had to refresh the page to get it to render properly, but then it started to resolve itself a few seconds after the page had loaded. Since yesterday, I've been unable to see pictures embedded in posts, but can see them if they are attached via a link.

Update: my recent issue with pictures not displaying is because storage.ning.com is blocked on my work system, so is definitely not a HoL problem.

They've definitely changed the way pictures are uploaded and stored. Now the picture comes out enormous when you put it in a post and you have to alter the size  by picking from a drop down or filling it in manually. Before it changed it automatically to 750 pixels.

Yes, Hugh. Extremely strange display and difficult to get into the 'Forum' except through clicking on an earlier comment on 'My Page / Your Page'. It's been like this all day today.

Eddie F
Yes. Super weird.
Me too - no graphics and lots of blank space to scroll through.

No. Quite normal at this time.

Have also had this intermittently. 

Black/blue/white background

Thanks folks. I’ve reported the issue to the platform hosts in California. Let’s hope they’ll do something to fix it. I’d be grateful if you could keep this thread updated with any further recurrence. 

So this is what out platform hosts have written to me:

This may have beeen caused by the latest updates to our storage. But everything is now set up properly and should work on your side also.
We kindly ask you to instruct your members to use the hard refresh in such cases. Also, they may need to clean up cache & cookies and restart the browsers they are using.

This link gives info on how to achieve these things:




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