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Seen on Wightman today. Isn’t traffic disruption on Wightman just what was needed?

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Please join us this weekend! We're meeting councillors to lobby for change on exactly these issues


And that says it all -

Yes, I could do without a car, but having access to one adds a lot of convenience and extends my choice of activity, particularly outside London. I don't *need* a car, in the same way that I don't *need* a TV or *need* a washing machine or *need* holidays abroad. But I choose each one of those things because they add to the quality of my life. 

Fully justified Hugh. It doesn't mean you're a bad person.

Very much related to this, Haringey Living Streets and Haringey Cycling Campaign are holding a joint family friendly event where we are meeting the Cabinet Lead for Environment and other councillors.

It is at 1pm this coming Sunday, 30th June at the West Green Rd entrance to Downhills Park.

The purpose is to let Haringey Council know urgent action is needed to transform our streets and tackle climate change.

More info:


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No, not Green Lanes - Colombo 

To my mind these road works are inviting a death or serious injury of a cyclist.

Had Haringey simply put in a continuous cycle path along Wightman Road on the east side, as it has done in very small part for the bridge over the railway at the southern end, then the high volumes of morning commuter cyclists would be spared having to negotiate with motor vehicles all the traps where the narrowing and chicanes have been put in. I now witness cyclists both on the inside and outside of vehicles, going onto the footpaths to avoid danger (and so endangering those lesser mortals on the transport foodchain, pedestrians) and fighting to get into gaps in the queues of vehicles where traffic slows or stops. It should be a wonderful thing to calm and reduce motor traffic but making life harder and dangerous for the cyclists is a nonsense. A continuous cycle lane with small separators from the rest of the roadway plus more old fashioned sleeping policemen (or even more old fashioned cobblestone surfaces) would have sufficed to produce a calmer and safer roadway.

Surely Haringey Council staff must have known that high volumes of cyclists use Wightman Road and that their measures are forcing them into the whirlwind of motorists competing for the limited spaces created. I speak as an occasional cyclist who doesn't cycle the wrong way down one way roads or jumps the lights and believes he can do what the hell he likes but this scheme will punish even the best behaved cyclists. 


We all have to deal with the issues of living in a congested city.

Making the roads safer for all users is a desired outcome but  "fucking up the traffic" is not a desired outcome. It increases frustration and danger.

I sense a residual hankering for Wightman Road to be closed again. 




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