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For the last week or so, I keep getting getting slapped in the face by spider webs as in the garden. Normally I’d expect this to start sometime around September. But this year it seems to be happening from the start of this month. Is it just me, or is anybody else finding the same thing?

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We're still on bees and butterflies here - though a few big spiders have appeared in the house recently.

They've haven't chased out the bees or butterflies but they're making significant and early inroad in the garden.

I spotted this year's crop of garden spiders hatching at the end of May. There are a few around the garden now, but it's usually later in the year when they start building huge webs across the path at face height.

Spiders early in my garden too, spinning new eye-level webs across width of my garden in places.  The first morning stroll outside always covers me and I'm flailing around trying to de-web myself....  I've stopped apologising to them now.

Yes we have lots webs

Finding the same thing, for sure.  Earlier, and also far more abundant.  Way more than I've seen in previous years.  It's driving me nuts.  I have to keep a broom by our patio door to knock them down every morning or else we can't get back to our garden.



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