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We had an online delivery booked for this evening but just had an email basically saying most of the things we wanted aren't available.

My wife was thinking of going to Sainsbury's on Green Lanes but my fear/worry is that literally everything has gone? Is that the case or do you just have to queue and be patient?

I'm just talking about basic things like vegetable burgers/washing liquid/ nappies that sort of thing nothing ridiculously precious like toilet roll.. we don't want to hoard just need some food to get by for the next week or two.

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I was in the Tottenham Sainsburys last night and it was empty of everything except alcohol and chocolate/sweets etc. Even the fruit & veg was all gone. I would guess that the Haringey branch will be the same.

In my experience it's worth checking out the independent shops, as they often have stuff which is missing from the supermarkets. Green lanes is full of them after all!

Germany has completely run out of sausages and cheese, Angela Merkel has described it as a "wurst kase scenario".

Went to Tesco Friday afternoon - Edmonton

Yes most of Store was bare

But Deliveries was arriving during my Visit

And they had staff that was filling Shelves as they arrived

Read somewhere that Supermarkets was short of Truck Drivers

Reason they was having issues keeping supplies coming into Stores

Also noticed that most of the Price Labels was being remove from Shelves

Read on a post that some stores are increasing prices to cut bulk sales

How does that help NHS and other workers that have to Work , to keep the Country running 

I used Winchmore Hill Sainsbury’s today at around 3pm so after the faff... I was rather surprised to see most items in stock - chicken, fruit and veg, bread, milk... they even had a few packs of pasta left.

I wonder if we’ve turned a corner, or if that particular store has nailed it.

Avoiding supermarkets, I visited a well-stocked shop in Seven Sisters Road, a small fishmonger and a stall selling good fresh fruit and vegetables. Why not support our small local traders? We will miss them if they go out of business.

The local Tesco near Salsbury pub was well stocked when i went a couple of days ago

they have decent orderly systems now in place, one out-one in ect.

Obviously the danger of someone coughing is still there, virus stays in the air for 10 mins i read after someone coughs. Wear a mask if you can find one.

wow I didn't know that about the cough.. really interesting 



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