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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

A fairly damning post about the Shelton Hotel, just opposite Harringay station...


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Thought I might book my wedding reception there...

No, it vies with Harringay's two other hotels. Whether they're any of really hotels in the sense we understand the term is another matter. I've always thought that they were probably set up to service the Housing Benefit led B&B market and try to earn a few bucks on the side by posing as bona fide hotels. But this is all supposition on my past and may be inaccurate.

It's well worth checking out their own website. The Trip Advisor reviews are fairly priceless...


Gotta love the quirky way they cite their proximity to Harringay Green Lanes Station an Manor House Tube, and somehow manage to misspell Harringay Station.

Its amazing how they get away with it.

A couple of years ago or so I noticed that they had a 'no stars' rating on their door for food hygiene - I hadn't seen that before!
I think they are up to 2 stars now.....

What a shame that a hotel located a short train ride to Kings Cross, and with the yummiest street close by is such a crap-hole. It beggars belief that it has stayed a viable business in that state. I can only speculate as to how it manages to keep afloat, and commiserate that it hasn't been improved over time.

It really is a dismal place. I don't know how they manage to stay open as the restaurant always looks deserted. I wish someone else would buy it and give it a complete makeover

They've been trying to get planning permission for years - see tag added under original post.

The listing (1020 of 1077 in London) would give you the idea that there are 57 worse hotels in London. However, there is just five worst based on the tripadvisor users experience rating as 52 London hotels are listed without ratings. The Ivanhoe (last) has some gruesome reviews which would be tough to match. This does mean it is certainly worst hotel in North London according to TripAdvisor's scoring system.I agree it is a real shame and I have long thought a boutique hotel and gastropub in its location would be a real asset to the area.

Boutique hotel and/ gastropub would be a real asset to the area as we have none of these

I think there's a market for a Gastropub, probably, but maybe this just isn't a great spot for hotels? I'm no expert, but can't really see a boutique hotel doing great business.



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