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A fairly damning post about the Shelton Hotel, just opposite Harringay station...


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I don't know. Clearly there are no good hotels around here. It's near Kings Cross & St Pancras and therefore anyone who needed to stop over before catching a an early/late Eurostar and wanted somewhere decent to stay the night.

they'd stay in Kings Cross though, surely? I know I would! For simple train-catching purposes, Travelodge pretty much has the market covered.

Would be amazing to have something nice than this dive I agree - I just wonder if there'd be any demand for it at all.

There are some good hotels round here, just not in Harringay. Cross the tracks and there a few nice ones or go south to Stokie and you luck out again.

I'm looking for the right collective noun to cluster Harringay's hostelries and I think the best I can do is to say that Harringay has an embarrassment of hotels, all of which badly need upgrading. 

I doubt it would work for visitors.  Imagine going to visit Barcelona or another great City on a budget.  I would be pretty upset if the reasonably priced small hotel I had booked was miles away from sights and public transport and I would be a bit worried about venturing out after dark as I wasn't familiar with the area and it felt a bit gritty and dark. It might work though for locals without sleeping room for visitors. That said the hotel by Hornsey Police Station seems to manage and I met someone who was in London for work for a week and had brought her family with her.  They were staying in the hotel by Hornsey Police station and she said it was basic but clean, reasonably priced and they found the travelling very easy with Hornsey station nearby.  However, they had kids with them so weren't getting back late at night.

Believe it or not they are looking for planning permission to extend ..




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