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We have a red Islabike CNOC 16 child's bike for sale (see photo attached). It's been used by two children but is still in good condition, as they are very robust little bikes. They are well designed for children, with smaller parts & a lightweight body, see:


It's a perfect bike as the next step up from a balance bike. You can remove the pedals so your child can have a smooth transition, just adding in the pedals as they gain confidence (and removing them if they need more time) - we did this with both of our kids, and they soon got the confidence to cycle properly (with no use of stabilisers).

They are £289 new, and we are selling it for £130.



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I just sold an Islabike on ebay. The resale value of these is now so high that she's going to start just leasing them, not selling them.

hi Michael- is this still available? We’d like to buy it if so. 

Yes, just connect and we can sort out the details

Great- I’ll send you a message now. Thanks



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