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Yep. If youve noticed lots of litter lately thats because you only get your street swept once a week now.

While Green Lanes is swept every single day.

It was clear that twice a week wasnt enough but now we swim in litter but still pay for it

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Litter round here is a real disgrace. Im constantly telling people not to do it but my partner tells me not for my own safety!  

We live near green lanes and so much litter is blown up or is dropped (esp. from Sam's chicken). The people who drop it dont care and now it sounds like the council don't either. 

Does anyone know who we can contact about this? Or can local law enforcement staff do anything to stop it being dropped in the first place?

Thanks for this link. I've also noticed its gotten worse. I don't know if its lack of education on the subject, people don't care or if they assume someone will clean up after them. Its not very adult behaviour and so unhygienic. 

Litter is so British, a cultural norm. Although I admire and support the Matts of the world, who address litter louts - I feel that individual approaches to littering will not change large scale behaviour and choices. It's like going to heathrow and telling a holidaymaker about climate change. They don't give a shit, they just want a holiday. It's someone else's problem. Likewise litter louts just want to get rid of their waste in the quickest way possible. It's err 'natural'.

Litter is a huge challenge. Without going on an essay writing spree about the merits of waste transfer (it's all released into nature - isn't increased saliency a good thing (wink) ) The first step has to be packaging. We now know the perils and costs of landfill waste - as with Leonard Reid's 'I pencil' - the economics of government have been forgotten in the push to sell plastic packaging for health, safety and preservation reasons (or as in the case of I pencil, relying on the free market to take care of things doesn't always work) So in context, the costs of packaging are borne by the local government (Street cleaning, disposal). My point here is, should disposal be included in the cost of goods (is the cost of litter a market failure?)? A touchy subject. Likewise should the cost of pollution be factored into the cost of fuel? Spicy. But another market failure (i.e. polluters dont pay. We all subsidise)

So to address the title - the amount of litter is an outcome of consumption (of goods that cause unsightly litter), a large-scale UK cultural norm, as well as the absence of street cleaning. 

My solution is to go for the lowest cost/highest impact measureable outcome...offer incentives for people who return and clean recyclable waste. A return to the days of returning those glass bottles. Just a start. Incentives don;t have to be direct cash either. Again that's another story. 

Less about the actual money one would make (of course this is far from ideal) but about the publicity and value it would instil on waste, which for so many in the UK is standard. 

Just a thought.

'Litter is so British' - WTF!!??

So is swearing.

at risk of over simplifying, a litter bin in every street crossing and in the crossings with the Harringay passage would go a long way.

This is no more and no less than what you get in every civilised city in the world. It's a lot easier to collect (daily) as you can do it in a small van.

The is absolutely no need for it - people who drop it have no excuse at all. We live in a very developed city with many bins!

I received a reply from the link, I mentioned before, asking me to contact the following:

020 8489 1335 ; frontline@haringey.gov.uk 

.... plus surely shops such as Sams Chicken should take some sort of responsibility also for both their packaging and the amount of waste that comes out of their 'cafes'

It won't help! On the first 3 roads coming from Turnpike Lane there is a bin at every intersection. Regardless, people seem to think that any wall or ledge is a suitable place to dump their waste. Not even mentioning the people who simply throw it to the ground. I weep.

When Green lanes was revamped they removed quite a few litter bins, including the one next to the bus stop near Barclays, in consequence of which the bus stop is always awash with litter.

The other day I caught some guy about to put his beer can behind the back of my hedge (on the alleyway). I politely asked him to remove it. The whole litter situation makes me weep. I will always pick up anything I see made of glass (as it will invariably get smashed) - and I often collect multiple items coming the short distance from the tube station. What's wrong with people?!



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