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Yep. If youve noticed lots of litter lately thats because you only get your street swept once a week now.

While Green Lanes is swept every single day.

It was clear that twice a week wasnt enough but now we swim in litter but still pay for it

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It really does annoy me so much!!!! I just can't understand it and I now feel that I can't say anything as I may get stabbed! People just don't understand!!! 

Correction to before; its not Sams Chicken that we live by to but Zams chicken (now callled chicken wave or something)  

Matt, i think trying to get back to twice a week street sweeping might at least help. The council will so easily blame Tory Govt Cuts but they sweep green lanes every day. Just how much are they saving by not just making an easy diversion and have them do a round of the residential streets twice a week?

Surely those business rates should pay for our streets to be swept as its these businesses where the litter is coming from.

I wonder if a petition might be a start? I don't mind starting it.

Please do - I think we need at least two visits a week and the last 50m's of the joining roads should be done every day.

The business's that cause a lot of the litter should be made to inform their customers that litter is not on and more on the spot fines should be given.

completely agree. I will get one set up and post on here.

Hello was this petition started? I would like to sign it. Twice a week cleaning at least meant that there was some element of cleanliness. Living off green lanes means there is an insane amount of rubbish that flows into the resident roads not to mention how much rubbish is around after the bins are collected each week...

Our ladder road has definitely got worse. 

Thanks Charlotte. Please can you complain to the council? The more of us that do it the better result we can hope to get. Thank you!

"An easy diversion", for sweepers up and down the "head roads" adjacent to Green Lanes, Richard? Before making that assumption aren't there some useful questions to be asked?

Such as if and by how much the Council have reduced the amount they pay Veolia (in response to the cuts in Government grant). Whether or not Veolia have cut the numbers of their staff who sweep or pick litter? Or perhaps their rates of pay?
Also, if and on what date staff were instructed to reduce sweeping or litter picking along the first sections of the "head roads". You're clearly right that whichever High Road I know in the East of the borough the head roads tend to accumulate litter or dumping. Or simply get stuff blown there.

Another set of questions might be asked about the numbers of enforcement staff who chase infringements of the rules - whether by residents, landlords, traders, or drive-by litterers/dumpers. As I recall these teams have been reduced. (Usually with some smoke and mirrors PR about how they've been improved.

I hope I'd be the last person to suggest that because some suggested solution hasn't always worked in the past, that it shouldn't be tried again - possibly with some new variation. On the other hand, you might find it's helpful to explore the back pages of HoL where there are many discussions about the litter and dumping problem. This discussion thread for instance.

Somewhere (I can't spot the link yet) Liz Ixer gave us an illuminating ethnography of local dumping. Including her observation of fast-foodies eating in their cars after visiting the "street food" pop-along take-aways, only to toss the leavings in gutters or pavements. After all, people need their cars neat and tidy.

It's not just the Ladder and Gardens, nor even just Harringay. Here's a response from the Council following up a suggestion I made about emptying street bins more frequently:

"In mid December 2015 the Council agreed to adopt a uniform once weekly sweep to all zone 2 & 3 roads across the borough and constant sweeping presence to town centre roads with other zone 1 roads being swept daily. This means that zone 2 & 3 roads litter bins will only be emptied once a week as part of the new cleansing schedule." This goes on to suggest that full bins can be reported by calling Veolia or using the app, which presumably also applies to any unreasonable accumulations of litter.

Hi Souvarine

It's the norm for Brits to put out tongue-in-cheek slogans to try and galvanise people to a common cause. As opposed to sitting contrary to a culture of acceptable littering (at a macro level), I would argue it sits alongside - even amongst! My earlier point is that in Britain the social design (incentives, cultural norms, etc) makes littering easy and salient. Still I hope it works and those in the palace see a problem. 

At least there is no correlation - it would appear - between house prices and street waste! 

Not sure that littering is a British cultural norm, but I guess it depends on your culture and upbringing. As a kid growing up in the 70s I had it drummed into me that littering wasn't acceptable, both by parents and public information films like these:

This was my response from the council when I complained about the litter sweeping schedules ! (they have prob spend all the money on their new logo!):


Many thanks for your email. We have had the opportunity to investigate your complaint and can advise accordingly:


Our sweeping arrangements have been realigned in partnership with Veolia, this was a decision made by elected members to help with efficiencies.


The Neighbourhood Action Team do issue Fixed Penalty Notices for dropped litter, we also ask businesses to produce documentation on how they dispose of their waste and challenge illegal deposit of waste.


I do hope I have answered your enquiry to your satisfaction.


Yours sincerely,



Tony Chapman

Neighbourhood Action Team Leader (West)

Peddie Pauline
cc: Chapman Tony <Tony.Chapman@haringey.gov.uk>,
Neighbourhood Action <NeighbourhoodAction@haringey.gov.uk>,
ESCS Support <ESCS.Support@haringey.gov.uk>,
Frontline <Frontline@haringey.gov.uk>



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