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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Yep. If youve noticed lots of litter lately thats because you only get your street swept once a week now.

While Green Lanes is swept every single day.

It was clear that twice a week wasnt enough but now we swim in litter but still pay for it

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Thanks Matt

Would be great to know how many FPNs were issued in 2015. Where and what for - just out of curiosity. 

I'm not sure of the 'why' for the second part of the response. What is producing 'documentation on how they dispose of their waste and challenge illegal deposit of waste' going to achieve? I wonder is this a legal requirement or intended as some kind of commitment device - as it sounds like it could be a costly administration process for the council and businesses alike, with very little proven outcome.

Just a thought...

How could he hope that this would be a satisfactory answer!?

Since the decision was made by our elected members ( Councillors, I assume ) could they step up and justify it ?



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