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We have had, growing in a big pot in our garden, a eucalyptus tree. The wind has just blown it over and the pot has broken.
It is time to let it go, to be planted in a garden, instead of continuing in our garden in a pot. It is healthy and beautiful. It measures roughly 7ft above the root ball. The root ball is 1 1/2 ft deep. If you have room for it and would like to have it, please message us. You would need to be able to collect. 

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Hello, I would love this if it's still available, please let me know.

Thank you


077 4696 6554

We inherited one when we moved in. We replanted it five years ago and now the thing is lifting slabs and cracking walls in our back yard. Be warned...

Yep, these trees grow massive. The roots can damage any nearby water pipes too.. but it mighe be okay to grow in a pot? Not sure if it will be happy to stay in the pot..

Hi Julie,

Given Con's experience, would you still like to have it?


You should definitely do some research before planting one of these in a London garden. 

Will do some research and/or get a very large pot! Do you know the variety or is it the common variety? Will get back to you tomorrow if that's ok...

Hi Julie,

No problem at all. 

As far as I know, it is the common variety. I chose it as they are not bulky, they have beautiful leaf colour and shape and are evergreen. I have pruned it as it has grown and that has not seem to have effected it. I would love to keep it in a pot but since two big sets of trees in other gardens around me have been cut down, the strength of wind blowing through my garden has increased. It has blown over a couple of times and now the pot it was in has broken. 

Please do not feel you have to have it. If you would like to have it, please let me know.

Best wishes, 


I would never plant one, ever. Please do some research. Had one in the neighbouring garden, and was a nightmare. The leaves don't break down either and secrete a toxin which when lands kills everything underneath it, including the PH balance in the soil. I had to replace my lawn twice and the leaves drop all all year round. The neighbour very kindly agreed to have it cut down eventually. Don't be fooled by how "pretty" this non indigenous tree is.  They grow enormously every year, and before you know it, it will block out the light in your and your neighbours garden.

I only found out by accident what was killing my lawn (& everything else), via an Australian gardening forum, as there's not much in UK websites about it, so unless you have a couple of koalas ready to munch the leaves, don't do it. 

Take heed the tree is a devil!

Thank you Paul for taking the time to add your knowledge and experience of the tree. Added to being very interesting, the ph balance and toxic leaves information is so important to know. Koalas must have bullet proof innards! 



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