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Is there anywhere locally I can take Italian courses? I'd prefer a classroom setting, but would be open to one-on-one tutoring as well.

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Hi Lina

This is Valeria I love on the ladder.

I'm just now organising an Italian course.

It will be just across the Harringay train station at the Workshop N4. 

This Sunday at 9.30am until 10.15an and next Monday from 7.30on to 8.15pm there will be a preview of the course.

We will then start the we after.

Blocks of 6 lessons.

We who cover every time different situations.

Come by a that I can explain a bit better.

Cost will be 15£ of lesson of 1hr to be paid in blocks of 6.

Hope this will help.

Kind Regards 

A presto Valeria 

Hi Lina,

Can I just pop along on Monday or is there somewhere I can sign up? I was having one to one tutoring but now I am back to Duolingo so would be great to see if I have improved my spoken Italian.

Hi Lina and Charlene

I'll be more than happy to meet you on Monday to discuss any option.

Otherwise we can meet for a coffee another time that suits you to see how we can tailor according your needs.

I'm more than happy to do one to one sessions as I understand you are more advanced.

This course I more for beginners.

I was born in Florence. I'm an Art Historian with a humanistic background and have created bespoke itneraries for foreigners in Italy for most of my life working in the Wine and Food Industry.

Let me know all the best

A presto Valeria

Hi Valeria,

I am happy to meet on Monday. I am ok, it's just I have a fear of speaking but I just need to get over myself. I think learning with native speakers in ear shot didn't help.

Ciao Lina,

It's Tony (Antonio on my passport) and I am an Italian native speaker living on the Ladder. I'd be happy to help if you wish to have one-to-one conversation sessions.

I am not a formally trained teacher but love my language.

Please let me know if you are interested and we can talk about it.

A presto!


Ciao Valeria

I am British born with both my parents from Italy.

I just want to say good luck in your teaching of Italian.

Anna Maria



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