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Why would anyone want to skive off so young?

What they are actually saying is.. forget about ever receiving the pittance we call a state pension, because we haven't got any money in reserve to pay for it anyway. 

I would imagine that life expectancy in Haringey is lower than 75 years for the majority. Only those who live very comfortable lives, generally get past that age.. Therefore raising the starting age for pensions to 75, cuts out millions from ever receiving a penny. Only those who mostly don't rely on a state pension will end up receiving a state pension.  Just more evidence of the baby boomer generation having the best of all worlds, as well as making the rich better off and the poor poorer.

That said, I'm getting close to the statutory State Pension Age myself and I have no intention of giving up work completely. I shall carry on working for at least a couple of days a week as long as I can and as long they will have me, because I think it is good for body and mind to do so. I also believe that interaction with the outside, sometimes uncomfortable world and not always just cosying along with those who are our friends, is also very important for us to live a happy life.  

Average life expectancy for males in the U.K. is 80 but that masks significant regional variations.  Low life expectancy follows poverty - for example the average male life expectancy in Blackpool is 74.  In other words those who are poor and in most need of a state pension are the people least likely to live for long enough to benefit from one.

What is the point of a nation to be economically sound? We are supposed to be in the top 6 but our state pensions are one of the lowest in the western world. We are told that the pension age rise is due to us all living longer and there is a lack of coffers to pay our pensions. I'm calling it what it is B.S! No money for police. No money for our regional services. No money for our schools & hospitals. No money for our pensions. B.S. There's plenty of money around isn't there? We are in the top 6 wealthiest nations aren't we? 

I worked until I was 75 but see no reason to advocate it for everybody.  We all know we can do it.  As someone has said, the government pension is a pittance and can almost be disregarded.  There are myriad reasons why people stop work earlier.  Surely it's up to individual circumstances.

@ Geraldine ... yes it should be up to the individual how long they work but, the pension no matter how small, should be available from say 65, whether someone chooses to continue working or not. It's our pension not the governments. Most of us thankfully have a more decent works based pension but many do not.

Agreed, we've earned it, and it should be paid over.  Will be interesting to see if it actually gains any traction, and if the other parties block or pursue this?

I must have misunderstood.  Is the proposal then to withhold pension until we stop work?  Of course, I agree it should be paid from retirement age.  Whether the individual chooses to continue to work is their choice.  I drew my pension from the age of 65 and enjoyed 10 years of letting it accumulate while I continued working.  My choice and it should be everyone's choice.

It is to withhold the state pension until age 75

Thanks, Michael.  Understood.  Your post about life expectancy and poverty is very relevant.  It may be a 'pittance' but it will be very much needed by some.

Money on it being a Total Vote Looser

Thankfully many are able to Retire Earlier

Also Forces would not be able to past fitness at that ago

Most seem to get signed off by 50

Thankfully I have already retired, Yes I have a state and Work Pension which I paid in for . And still pay income Tax

Which most Governments seem to throw at other Nations

Good point about the Forces and disciplined services generally come to that.  One of the things I find most irksome is the labelling of the state pension as a 'benefit'.  It is not a benefit.  It is, as you say, something we have paid for throughout our lives.



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