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Seems council have put a coloured crossing outside Nags Head pub. High Road .N22 

Yet can not fill in pot holes and make road safe to use

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Theres one on White Hart Lane n22 as well. 

According to news report requested by pupils. Outside their school   Who ask for one in High Road ? 

There's some right miserable bastards on here.

Rather funding went on making roads safe for All Users

Not a flashy and expensive crossing

Especially as Borough roads are in such a poor state

Especially around Speed bumps 

Hehehe. Yup, now if the crossing was beige... 

So you're saying a rainbow crossing is..... Some kind of safety feature? That somehow it makes a crossing more visible than just a plain road? 

Hmm... *chinstroke*

Must be the LBH spending its budget before the financial year is up.

Only when you read some of the responses from local people about the crossing is when you realise that these small awareness campaigns are sadly still justified and needed. 

Where can we read these responses ?

Above, for starters.

I can't see anything above to object to. A couple of mild jokes and a reasonable post about maybe this is a waste of money that could be spent elsewhere. Aren't you being a bit paranoid ?

Ah yes . . . 'mild humour'.

The eternal get-out clause.



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