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Live Nation Submit Last Minute Challenge to Finsbury Park Licence Review

Following the imposition of a number of tightened restrictions in a recent licence review, music promoter Live Nation has submitted an appeal against the decision at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court on Monday – the last possible day an appeal was eligible.

The exact reasons for Live Nation’s appeal has not yet been released to the public but tit is understood to be connected to the Sunday closing hours and new noise conditions.

If Haringey lose their case against Live Nation they could be ordered to cover their costs by the court.

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The Friends have posted the full Notice of Appeal - Notice-of-Appeal.pdf

I don't know why the emphasis on "last minute". My understanding is that it is absolutely normal for legal appeals to be filed at or very close to the deadline, simply because the time for filing an appeal is usually quite tight and there's lots of work to do to prepare it. If the intention is to suggest either that it was a last minute decision, or that it was some sort of shady tactic, that's likely to be misleading (unless you know something else). 

Quite.  It's rare for papers to be served on any other date than the deadline date



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