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I’m looking for a carpenter to cut out solid front door panels and fit glazing and to give the draughty door frame some tlc. Any recommendations l?

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Recently used Malcolm Redfern to hang and draught proof my front door. Lovely guy and really happy with his work. Not sur eon the glazing front though, but give him a call 07837 106338

Give Ross Day a shout, has done loads of various work at my place.


Michael, who did you use in the end?  We have an original french window at the back of our living room which is leaking water so we need to replace it but want to try and keep it the same as the original (with glazing at the top).

Any recommendations gratefully received.

Still haven’t got around to it!

I used Hamid a few years back. He did a great job recreating the original in hardwood. You can see my original comment about him (+ link to photo of the French windows) here

Thanks Hugh, that is exactly what we are looking for.

He even managed to salvage two of the original corner cut red glass panels. 



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