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I can't see any recent discussions on estate agents for sales and buying since 2017. Any recommendations or experiences worth sharing?

many thanks

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I would always recommend Micheal Persaud at Winkworth's!  I bought and sold through him and have recommended him to friends, he is totally professional !

Our recommendation goes to Michael Persaud as well!

I'm in the process of buying and selling at the moment.

In terms of selling I'm with Paul Simon who seem to be putting the hard yards in to get it sold.

In terms of buying I've been dealing with mainly:

Paul Simon

Anthony Pepe


Purple Bricks

and would rate them in that order.

Paul Simon, and to a slightly lesser extent Anthony Pepe, have been very pro-active in contacting us about properties, arranging viewings, getting feedback, etc

Winkworths have sent us a variety of properties that don't really meet the criteria (often multiple times) and don't seem that knowledgeable about the properties they're showing.

Purple Bricks are entirely dependent on you making all the effort and I found bookings viewings very awkward with various last minute cancellations and properties with no time availability online.



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