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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

The LGA recently published its "Peer Challenge Report" on Haringey Council.

In it, the group of fellow councillors and chief executives from around the UK said Haringey needed to make "significant savings" in 2020/2021 - otherwise, Haringey will face a "precarious future for the council and its services".

The full report is attached.

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... make "significant savings" in 2020/2021 - otherwise, Haringey will face a "precarious future for the council and its services".

... that's an oxymoron

It doesn’t sound too bad, all things considered. And I am not their greatest supporter….!
In my dealings with staff, I find that things have changed for the positive compared to the previous cynical regime.

Some extracts from the Exec Sumary …

Since the previous peer challenge significant progress has been made in many areas of the Council’s services and it was particularly pleasing to hear of the genuine improvement in Children’s services and health and social care integration, in financial awareness and in both partner and staff engagement.”

“The Council could be more forthright in seeking to improve the public realm and leverage the public estate which, in places, is starting to feel dated and if not invested in could cause economic stagnation.”

“The significant improvements in school performance and children services more broadly are also recognised and welcomed.”

“Cross party working is increasing and this too is positive.”

“In summary, Haringey has delivered in the past and it can deliver in the future. It has an exciting future ahead for its residents if it can resolve its budgetary position at pace and with engaging, distributed leadership.”

But the national situation is extremely bad for poorer boroughs.

At a national level the resources are all being concentrated on Brexit, which won’t even address the major challenges the country faces…nothing else is going on. Investement £££££ in nothing!

So much depends also on when the austerity will end. Hearing Tory candidates for country leadership doesn’t sound as if this is any concern of theirs. We need a different paradigm for local council funding and especially for social care responsibilities which need to be more equally shred between weel off and less well of areas.

Do you hear anyone proposing this.

No all you hear is…”Gung Ho BREXIT!” “Make us grate (sic but intentional) again!”

In recent months travelling through Haringey . Noticed many New Flats and properties coming online

Plus many updates in recent years

Surely the Extra Rates - Especially in top end of Rate Band should be bringing in more Funds

Especially as Council is Reducing Services to Rate Payers 



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