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I posted the following earlier in another discussion and reposted here so it's easy to find:



I'm down on Green Lanes and sadly there has been a little fallout from Tottenham. However it''s highly targeted smash and grab. One jewellery shop on the corner of Kimberly has been affected. Further towards Finsbury Park, Deniz Jewellers was also affected. Both had their shutters forced open, windows broken and a few less valuable items taken.

Talking to Bora, owner of one of the affected shops, he told me "We also own the food shop a few doors away and 15 of us stayed around to make sure the staff were ok. We did'nt really expect anything. We left at 6.30 this morning thinking that everything would be ok. Then as soon as we left my staff watched as 8 men came in a van, pried open the shutter and robbed us. It was all very quick and efficient."

Bora went on "This is just some bad guys taking advantage of the trouble over in Tottenham"

Everything else down here is very calm and normal feeling, though I can't help feeling a slight sense of something in the air; surprise, apprehension or perhaps it's just a concentrated focus on ignoring the few ripples and getting on with a summer Sunday.


I learned that the Harringay Traders' Association is this morning meeting with the borough police, no doubt discussing what, if any, further arrangements might be required. I will update you if I hear more.

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We are on the upper end of my road and we saw last night a few young people trying to mug a scooter from its owner on the road.  I assume it is something to do with this.  Luckily they did not manage it.

A group of about 15 teenage thugs dressed in black and hooded lead by 4 older men in designer clothes trashed a 29 bus on Green Lanes by Homebase then split up 7 ran down Lothair North the rest up to hermitage. I think they may have all gone into Finsbury park. 15 mins ago. Not a  copper in sight.

Did you see this TB?

Can I suggest that people DON'T Tweet this out. I don't think it will help to broadcast this right now.

OK, I just spoke with TB on the phone. This is an eye-witness report that TB described as particularly sinister since the teenagers appeared to be being directed by the smartly dressed older men.

seemed to be a large contingent of Turks outside the jewellers already tonight. I imagine they don't plan to let it happen again.

Group of five young teenage boys (12-14 years old perhaps) lurking on the corner of Green Lanes/ the alleyway down the back of the shops looking distinctly shifty when I walked home a couple of hours ago. I think if I had a teenage son, I'd have locked him in his room tonight.



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