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I am looking for a piano teacher local to the Harringay Ladder to help me get through some basic ABRSM piano grade exams this summer and beyond. I'm an adult learner with a little knowledge but can read music.

I'd be grateful for any recommendations too.

Many thanks,


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Hi Alice. Here at The Hap'ning Place at 3 The Campsbourne N 8 7PN www.hapningplace.com we have several piano teachers working throughout the summer. I'd be happy to send you more details about our lessons. My email is hapningplace@ymail.com I look forward to hearing from you

Thanks Maryliese, I'll be in touch! 

Here you go!
Lovely chap, he lives in Harringay - and he'll come to you!
Sorry, here's his number: 07876 218722

Hi Alice, I can highly recommend piano teacher Sarrane Brouk. He taught both our children up to ABRSM grade 6 and he's great with adults too. His email is: sarranebrouk@gmail.com. Anna-Zohra Tikly

My daughter is a 22 year old music student at Leeds University and has a lot of experience teaching the abrsm grades to children and adults. I'm obviously biased but she is an absolute natural at this teaching lark.

Hi mark, does your daughter still teach the piano? I am looking for a local tutor for my daughter.

Yes she does. Send me a contact request so I can get your details and I'll put her in touch with you.

Hi Mark, hoping your daughter still teaches - I have sent you a friend request. 

Sorry, I ham fistedly pressed Ignore rather than accept on your connection request, and I can't figure out to accept in now. She is no longer teaching as she is working full time and rehearsing and performing pretty regularly in the evenings. 

Hi Mark, Not to worry at all. Thanks for letting me know :) 



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