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Can anyone recommend a reliable, trustworthy (and preferably) local plumber? My leaks need urgent attention! Thanks in advance, Lara

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If you haven't done so already, check out the other recommendations already on the site. You can use the tag we've added under your post.

Thank you Admin. The tag is much appreciated. Keep up the excellent work.

Try Nick on 07939 345568. Have used him for years. He's in Stroud Green. He doesn't really respond to texts so you need to call him!

Thanks for the details Catherine. I'll certainly give Nick a ring. Much appreciated.

I just called Nick - he said he has retired now.

Anyone knows a reasonable plumber in Stroud Green area please?  Not a big job, just unblocking kitchen sink . Tha ks

You could try Neil Protheroe 07731 997936.  Ive just had him do some work for me and have put a recommendation on todays postings.

Sorted now,thanks.

Would be nice for search to bring up posts in date order though



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