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I am in quite urgent need of a reliable locksmith. I have seen a few recommendations for North London locksmiths but they never get back in touch with me so I really need to find someone else. Obviously someone trustworthy as it concerns securing my flat.

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I’m really surprised by the lack of service by North London Locksmiths.  I’ve used them for years, the last time was on Friday when my mortise anti-locking picking mechanism tripped.  They were on site within 15 minutes and sorted out the problem in another 5.

As Michael says, that doesn’t sound like North London locksmiths. I would give them another try. If you’re not far away, drop in and say hi. They’re on Green Lanes, in the south end of Grand Parade, almost at Harringay Bridge.

Yeah I have communicated with them quite a few times but they never give me any commitment about when they will turn up.

Banham are excellent 02076270344.

Give Ross Day at shout. Local Handyman/Carpenter who I believe was a Window & Door fitter as his original trade.




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