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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

London's Healthiest and unhealthiest high streets are both in Haringey

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Also in last nights Evening Standard https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/muswell-hill-broadway-named-...

Only the second time I've seen West Green Road mentioned/pictured in a mainstream paper.  The other time was the riots in 2011.  However I agree with Philip, after 12 years here I can see a steady improvement.

Useful, thanks Gordon. I think the rent and rates support will be the real drivers if change. 

The east - west divide is made clear in the report and the video. Sadly the disparity between the richer and poorer areas in our borough is greater and more explicit that almost anywhere. The report is excellent evidence for our current Fairness Commission. Areas like environmental policies, regulation, development, business support, and regeneration all have fairness and equality dimensions. The public health approach is a very useful lens.


Zena Brabazon
Cllr Harringay Ward

There is also allegedly a well connected cabal of residents in Muswell Hill that get what they want out of the council through direct contact with senior officers. How very British.

...and to think some of them have even had the nerve to suggest breaking away from the East to protect their services in the past. Sometimes on this website. 

If we were still in the EU and that happened then finally Tottenham would look like what it is, a very deprived political unit of the UK and a potential recipient of EU funding because of that. The impetus for the HDV was from a property developer that saw a "distressed asset" and wanted to capitalise on it. Property prices in the Tottenham constituency are depressed by the deprivation. They saw the cause of that deprivation as the people who lived there, because of their supposedly meagre disposable incomes.

Back on point, the intention IS for the west to subsidise the east but the unfair connections those people have with the council prevent this.

evidence of the last bit, please?

There are two assertions in there. I only have "proof" for the latter and allusions I've seen in discussions on here over the years for the former.

My proof for the cabal in Muswell Hill is that it has been discussed on here, sadly I can't find the original discussion and I doubt you'll take my word for it.

Cheers Michael!

Thanks both. You seem indignant that I asked, John, but I think it was a fair question given the implication of your allegation, which sound like some sort of systemic corruption. I assume you're referring to Michael's account of what his friend said his neighbour told him, near the bottom of the first page?  With no offence to Michael, that's really in the realms of gossip and rumour. And in any case, I'm not sure that what's described really amounts to very much, once you strip it of the slightly colourful language. That's not to say that your allegation isn't true, of course, just that some more direct evidence (e.g. of where money is spent) would be more interesting.

Spiderman.  Until May the Leader of Haringey Council lived in Muswell Hill while representing Seven Sisters.  I can only tell you you own personal experience from working in local government - when a certain person from a certain local residents association in a certain part of London rang, you jumped.



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