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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

This notice is outside a local primary school in Harringay. It shows the teachers and support staff are getting seven weeks (less two days) for their paid summer holiday. Some of these days may be used for training. 

This summer break is one of their six holiday periods around the year. 

Boris Johnson, the PM, has promised a pay rise for teachers but I would prefer such a pay rise was made in exchange for teachers spending more days in the classroom.   

Ofsted would not then keep complaining that most pupils underachieve in English and Maths. 

The average full time worker gets 28 days paid holiday a year. This is a lot less than those working in education. 

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And they say it’s socialists who suffer from envy.

Fascism was/is always built on envy and needs the oxygen of scapegoating to survive and keep the be-leavers happy.. 

Jews, gays, muslims, EU, foreigners, politicians.. and now apperently, teachers.. Soon it will be fireman, doctors and nurses...  all of them out to do wrong to YOU...!

And BTW Neil, it's either Haringey or Harringay. There's no such thing as your Haringay. Would be perhaps better if you started brushing up on where you live. Perhaps you should have listened to those teachers?

Is it April fool's day today? As someone whose parents were teachers, you'll be pleased to know they & their colleargues spent most of the Summer holidays at school preparing their rooms & resources or at home lesson planning. Surely there's more worthy candidates for your criticism than teachers? Channel that angry sentiment towards someone who deserves it, there's plenty of populist political leaders who are doing some really bad things....

I, and I’m sure many others on this forum would be very happy to take a life long holiday from your semi-literate posts. 

Your post is semi-literate. There should be a comma after your word forum and your unusual name should have a capital K, as in Kotkas. Everyone else on here spells their name with a capital letter. 

If you don't like free speech on here and if you cannot use good English, join a more partisan discussion site. 

Aha, the bold Neil is trolling again. PLEASE don't feed the trolls folks...

If you have to use a fake name like EMC2 and if you do not support freedom speech on an impartial public discussion site, you should leave and join a closed site for people with closed minds. Why do you hide your real name, EMC2? 

I use my initials, but I see you've dropped your surname. Neil is just as anonymous. Why have you started to hide your name Neil?

Tell me Neil - what experience do you have in a classroom or school environment?

Or is it your children on still on their holidays from school and you're sick of having to look after your own children?

Do you actually know what teacher do during school holidays?  Lessons don’t just emerge from thin air, they take time to plan. My ex- next door neighbour spent most of the summer break doing precisely that.

When teachers say they are planning lessons what do they actually mean?

Does the Dept of Education/curriculum authority provide a common lesson plan for each week/topic that teachers then tweak to suit their class or do they have to study the curriculum and then develop their own lessons from scratch? 

If its the latter, it seems very inefficient. For example, does every Year 9 maths teacher literally develop their own plan to deliver what I assume is a common curriculum across England? Or are subject curricula too thematic for a teacher of week 3, term 2, year 9 history is Hull to deliver broadly the same material to the equivalent class in Basildon or Bristol for example? 

I ask out of ignorance and interest.

Generally there's a variety of teaching plans out there based on the National Curriculum that schools will buy in.

They're obviously pretty generic though and need to be tailored to the specific pupils, resources, etc. Obviously the lessons for an inner-city school in London with limited resources and a dozen different languages are going to be different to a well-funded school in the home counties.



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