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This notice is outside a local primary school in Harringay. It shows the teachers and support staff are getting seven weeks (less two days) for their paid summer holiday. Some of these days may be used for training. 

This summer break is one of their six holiday periods around the year. 

Boris Johnson, the PM, has promised a pay rise for teachers but I would prefer such a pay rise was made in exchange for teachers spending more days in the classroom.   

Ofsted would not then keep complaining that most pupils underachieve in English and Maths. 

The average full time worker gets 28 days paid holiday a year. This is a lot less than those working in education. 

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I did not know that. He is quite the troll though.

That post is just as embarrassing, well maybe more, hard to pick which is the worst of his drivel. 

Admin also has the ability to close threads. Whilst we don’t keep a record of the rare times we do so, the closure you’re referring to may have been down to us. The post looks like it was getting increasingly bad-tempered. We prefer to avoid those unless there’s a critical local issue being discussed. 

Thanks for the clarification.  I did think of that and left it a little bit open as to who it might have been by writing "something normally reserved to the original poster".  As you and others have indicated, the original poster is an engenderer of bad temper!

I have one child at the upper age range of compulsory education and another who has just left that stage so have been through most of the education system (and at 2 different schools within the borough)

Staff are in school/6th form from mid August onwards dealing with exam results and all that that entails - better than predicted grades, lower than expected results, organising re-sits, helping students to find new courses, new schools, apprenticeships etc.

From Easter onwards, schools are open on Saturdays and school holidays for intervention classes organised by class teachers, the library is open etc. Staff also deal with extra-curricular stuff such as D of E outside of 'school hours' - not to mention dealing with pupil/family crises anytime of the year. I have had emails and phone calls in the evenings and Bank Holidays, even at midnight, for important and general reminders or advice.

Maintenance/cleaning/building work also takes place during school holidays, especially in the longer summer break.


A very succinct analysis Spiderman. Standby, he'll be probing your arthropodan credentials any time now...

Well, my post was ad hominem nonsense really so have deleted. 

Neil gives Conservatives a bad name 

I'm not a Conservative and I'm not a member of a party. 

I'm genuinely baffled that "free speech" forms the basis of Neil's argument on this thread, which he posts on the day his party leader has gagged the democratically elected parliament from further debate on Brexit. 

I'm not a member of a political party. Most people are not. 



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