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There's been a lot of discussion recently around the issue of stray cats locally and we've been successful in re-homing several via this site.

If anyone's still looking for a pet, a terrific local animal charity is having a rehoming day on Sunday. Please see this link for more info: http://www.animalaidandadvice.org/

This charity has recently given some much-needed medical support to some local stray cats in distress, including a case of FIV (feline AIDs) and an impacted testicle as well as a family of 5 kittens. If you are able to offer an animal a home, or can donate goods to their shop or make a money donation, I'm sure they'd put it to good use!

(I'm not involved with the charity myself but they've helped me out in the past when I've found stray cats locally).

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Animal Aid Advice - great little charity - Marilyn has been a real help to us in the past when we had a stray (who happily turned out just to be a nearby wanderer who got himself locked in our flat over a long weekend!). They will ensure you are matched with the right cat for your home environment and circumstances and will support you in making the right choice. I would suggest only going along if you are thinking seriously about getting a cat as it is unlikely you will come away without wanting to take one home!







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