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Hi there, we are looking for a flexible person to work in the coffee shop. The job is part time, permanent. The job includes weekends and is on self employed basis.  Please only reply if you are local, willing to work variable hours, are good with people and have can do attitude. Experience not necessary as we provide training. 

The coffee shop is open Monday to Friday 8am-5pm

Saturday 9am - 5pm

Sunday 10am - 4pm

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Assume you will welcome applications from males too?

assume you would like to apply

It's unlawful for an employer to discriminate against anyone in a job advert, including on the basis of sex...


I know a bloke looking for something local like that. You mentioned that it's a perm role but self-employed. How does that work? Would he need to set up a limited company to provide services to the coffee shop? Anyway, I'll let him know.

Registering self employment in HMRC is easy. He can set it online. He must remember though, that he will be responsible for paying taxes and National Insurance Contribution himself. Let him know and if necessary we can help.

Sorry to snark, but from the info you've given it's sound very very unlikely that the person carrying out this role would really legally be seen as self-employed.

Anyone interested in the role (male or female) might want to read up on what is and isn't self-employment - for instance if you're self-employed you have no obligation to do the work yourself and can send someone else in your place, and you should have a fair amount of autonomy over how you do your job.  There's a good summary here:  http://www.employeerescue.co.uk/advice/your-employment-contract/wor... along with some links to legal test cases where people have sued for employment rights and won.

You may have excellent reason for doing it like this, and be an excellent and fair company to work for, but from the outside it rather looks like an attempt to circumnavigate giving someone employment rights

This is a very unfair judgement and i am very sorry you see things that way. it is not my responsibility to inform anyone or give a lesson about self-employment ( i am not qualified) i simply look for some reliable, hardworking person and if someone does'nt like my advert can simply omit it.

It’s really not a matter of judgement - what you’re offering looks like a job, and you saying the person will be self-employed doesn’t necessarily make it so. If you’re employing people, or engaging their services, you really ought to enlighten yourself so that you don’t act illegally.

From the way you have described the role it probably IS your responsibility because this person would legally be seen as either a worker or and employee with a contractual relationship with you.  Saying that someone is self-employed doesn't make them self-employed, just as there doesn't have to be a written contract in place for an employment contract to exist.  Tribunals look at the actual working relationship between you and the person, and what happens on a day to day basis to decide what their status is. 

I do realise that it is hard for small businesses, but by employing someone in this way you put yourself at risk of being taken to tribunal, as well denying someone their legal rights .

I am certainly local willing to work variable hours, good with people and have can do attitude.

Its obvious you do not want to pay employers national insurance, pension contributions holiday pay etc so what would the benefit of working for you be?

What is the name of the coffeeshop? How much are you paying? Are you going to provide terns of service? How many hours a week? Are the amount of hours fixed?



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