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Can anyone recommend a Maths tutor for a GCSE Student (Higher Maths) who's taking his exam next month?




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I recommend Steven Greenaway 02083489951. He lives in crouch end. He's very good and has been tutoring for years.

I have left a voice mail on his phone, thanks.

A few via the tag I've added.

Thanks Hugh :)

Hi Ana,

If you're still looking, I'm an HoL member and an ex-maths lecturer with a great deal of teaching experience. I'm pretty  good with kids of all ages, having 3 little ones iof my own. I too live in Crouch End  If interested, please reply or call me on 07950-945401.

Cheers, David

Hi David,

Yes I am still looking. I have left a voice mail on your phone.



Hi David,

My email address is anaremi@googlemail.com.



I sent you an e-mail about 20 mins ago.



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