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Hi All,

The seating on my old leather(ish) sofa has seen better days and there's only so many upholstery patches that I can use to fix it. We love this sofa and nowhere near considering replacing it.

I just want to ask if anyone could recommend someone reliable who could fix this for me please?

As always any advice would be much appreciated.



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I used C T REUPHOLSTERY RECENTLY in Fountayne road Tottenham Hale. He and his wife are great. I found him to be really good and reasonable prices. Seemed to know what he was doing and has the guild of master craftsman too.
If you google them you will get their no.
Good luck
Thank you!

I have three people to speak to now and they all sound pretty good.

Thank you for replying,


Hi Angela,

We like Sharon at Suite Comfort, very experienced and reliable (and funny and friendly)....


Cheers G

Thanks Gi Gi,

Sounds pretty good.

I'll give her a call.

Thanks for your time


Hi Angela

We've used John Lawler on Hornsey High Street http://www.johnlawlerupholstery.co.uk/ - he's very experienced and excellent and has lots of fabric books you can look through and knows where to get good quality upholstery fabric.

Thanks Emma,

Someone else offered a suggestion so will check both out.

Thanks so much for your time ,

I was going to suggest John Lawler too, or Stroud Green upholstery at the top of Stroud Green Rd (near the Sainsbury's at the Old Dairy end, not the Finsbury Park end).
Thanks Lauren,

I will get on the case and let everyone who has helped know how I get on.




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