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Hi all,

We're the doting owners of Olive, a beautiful seven-year-old ginger female who lives a happy, mostly-indoor life on the Harringay Ladder. She's very purry, loves her biscuits and adores company. She's terrible at climbing, has mastered the silent meow and has a pet elephant on a stick that she carries around the house with her. We love our little cat. However our job situation and other factors have conspired to mean that this summer is finally our opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream by going cycle touring (pedalling from New York to Los Angeles). If we could, we'd take Olive with us, but that's not happening, so we're looking for somebody to take her into their lives while we're gone, from May to November this year (about six months).

Ideally you'd have a garden, but that isn't essential as she's mainly housebound. Olive is very independent, and is used to her auto-feeder which keeps her well fed if we need to go away for a few days.

If you're interested, please drop me a comment and we can chat.



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Crossposted here for you, bunch of real cat lovers


Good luck xx
Thanks Anka!

Hi Ivan, we live on Burgoyne Rd and would be interested (and also planning a big cycle in 2020 so would love to hear about your plans!). Let me know if you want to have a chat. Thanks, Rob

Hi Rob, thanks for your interest! That's great to hear. I'll DM you now.

Looks like I have to be your friend for that. Once you accept, I'll DM you!



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