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I saw that the seemingly defunct Dogtas outlet is being gutted so I took a wonder inside to see what is happening. It is a shell, but I noticed these below on the wall, clearly something that will end up being covered up again. 

An interesting view of what it may have looked like a hundred years ago.


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Back in 1935, 14-15 was a cheesmongers owned by Robert Dunner.  The tiles have a kind of dairy feel about them. No. 13 was a pawnbrokers owned by John Knight with Thomas Wiltshire occupying one of the flats above.

Is that your Kelly's you're working from? I think there may be a typo somewhere along the way. As I wrote in my comment above, 15 was taken over from Craigen and run by Robert Gunner from about 1914. It was opened as a provision store. Provisions stores sold perishable foods vs the non-perishables sold by grocers. Below is how one Edwardian ad showed the distinction:

In 1931, Ernest Robert Gunner of 15 Grand Parade is referenced as appearing at the Butcher's Court. This matches a 1950s memory recorded on HoL some years back (which I linked to in my comment above) of Gunners as a butcher (but perhaps both just link to the 'charcuterie' aspect of the provisions business).

By 1948, the phone directory shows that Gunner had expanded to fill, 14, 15 and 16 - but from the look of Justin's photo hadn't knocked 15 & 16 through (or the wall wouldn't have survived).

So definitely Gunner, not Dunner and I'm fairly confident that their business was perishable food that would have included cheese, but that would have only been part of their range of goods.

Oops, my typo.  Just checked Kelly’s again and it is Gunner as you say.  The listing for the bit of Green Lanes (Kimberly Gardens to Salisbury Road) is as follows

22 - Pritchard Restaurant 

21 - Fleming Reid and Co scotch wools

20 - Freeman, Hardy and Willis

18 &19 - L Cooper costumiers 

17 - Wheelers provisions

16 - Judah Davis fishmonger

14 & 15 - Robert Gunner cheesmonger

13 - John Knight pawnbroker

The alphabetical commercial directory part of the Kelly’s has

Gunner, Robert, cheesemonger, 14 &15 Grand Parade, Green Lanes, HP (Harringay Park?)

So he’d expanded into 14 by 1935. Given the published reference I found to Gunner in the court of butchers at 15 grand parade, and the possibility that the stores weren’t knocked through, I wonder if he ran three consecutive stores each selling a different part of his range. He definitely started life as a provisions store and was certainly working in meats. Maybe 14 was the cheese department? I’ll see if I can come up with anything more conclusive. 

But what a rich retail texture your list shows, eh. 

The shop listings for Green Lanes are phenomenal.  You really could get everything from a pound of nails to a made to measure suit.

I’m thinking that cheesemonger might be a fairly broad term and be more like a delicatessen is now. For instance in the northeast we had places called pork butchers that sold cooked meats and pies.

No Kebabs then?

I haven't yet been able to find any more on Gunner's but I did find the ad below for 13-14 Grand Parade. This was in a 1913 report of the Harringay Ratepayer's Assoc.

Those tiles remind me of the old Sainbury's shops from my early childhood.

Interesting to have that definition of Groceries and Provisions - thanks.

I wonder if the Scotch Wool Shop had moved to Wood Green by the 1960s, there were 3 or 4 wool shops between Turnpike Lane and Wood Green. Nice advert for the Drapers too!

Just spoke to my mum the egg shop was where yasha halim is, she thinks it's now the middle shop. 

Yasar Halim now have 491 - 497. They took over Ray's Newsagents at 491 back in 2009.

I suspect the so-called 'egg-shop' traded at 495.

I can find no trace of any shop trading under the name Egg Store or Egg Shop or anything simillar. Although there was one in both Stoke Newington & Tottenham.

Ask your mum if it was Malcolm and Alice Newman's shop at 495. Malcolm was Henry and Jeanie's boy. 

Could this be the "Egg Shop" that people have mentioned over the years?

I was chatting with another long-term Harringayite today and they too remember an egg shop opposite Woolworths (now Iceland). So I'm beginning to think there were maybe two egg shops I suspect that the Iceland one was Newman's.



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