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Lost tabby and white cat - Dukes Avenue N10/Boating Lake Alexandra Palace N22

This tabby and white cat has been reported as lost since 20th January from Dukes Avenue N10 and Boating Lake, Alexandra Palace N22 area. Please lookout for this cat.

URGENT - this cat appeared to be stray and was hanging around the Boating Lake & Dukes Avenue area. The cat might have a swelling on side and probably also needs neutering. Due to come in to The Scratching Post, but the cat has disappeared and they urgently need sightings. Please call them if you see this cat or if you are a vet/rescue/kind member of public who has taken this cat in. The Scratching Post Cat Rescue 01992 626110

They have put details on Animal Search

Animal Rescue charities like The Scratching Post recommend that it's vital for cats to be neutered and microchipped. Adult cats enjoy catflap access to a back garden - and cats need a catflap access to get back inside their home. They advise locking the catflap at night so that cats are safe inside at night as it reduces the risk of them getting lost or injured.

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Hello. Has this cat definitely been seen after 8th January?  I live beside the boating lake and unfortunately witnessed a cat very similar to this one being killed by two dogs which had got into my garden from the park next door.  I took it to the vet - she thought it was a stray as it wasn't neutered or chipped.  Even worse news was that my own cat was killed by what I believe to be the same dogs on 14th of this month. Although I had tried to block the hole under the park fence, foxes had dug through again.  I have reported the incidents to the police, and the Manager of Alexandra Park, and Friends of Alexandra Park.  Obviously all are concerned that such viscous dogs are being allowed to roam loose in the park.  Both incidents happened at about 7.30am.  I got a good look at the dogs the first time - one is a black staffie-type and the other more of a gingery brown - I was so shocked - they had ripped the cat"s throat out.  I have patrolled the park on several mornings to see if I can spot the owner - he must know what is happening - a lot of blood.  We knowit is a man because we heard him shouting at the dogs the second time. The park manager has promised to come to inspect the hole but has not done anything yet. I have done my best to re-plug it.  All very distressing and worrying. 

Tessa, I’m so very sorry to hear about the sad death of your cat and in such a tragic way. How awful for you. I hope you succeed in getting that hole under fence sorted urgently. It's worth notifying Ally Pally Dogs about what happened. Also Haringey Dog Watch maybe can help.

In respect of the lost stray cat, the date since missing was estimated so it’s likely that it was the killed cat. The cat needed help, vet treatment, neutering and a home and a place was ready for the cat at the Scratching Post, but it looks like it was too late.

Justine - thanks very much for the links and sympathy.   I am now sure that that is the poor cat that was killed.  I hadhim cremated by Mina at the Alexandra Park Rd vets.  To have to ask her to do the same for my dear old Woody, who was a comforting link to my late husband was extremely traumatic,and I hope to help avoid any one else losing their own cat in the same way.  Both cats were large, strong boys, and itis easy to imagine these bessts might attack small dogs, or even babies in buggies.  I am assuming that the owner takes them out so early (7.30 am)  to avoid other park users.  Anyone who uses thepark should be made aware of how blood-thirsty these animals are - it wasn't just jolly chasing - they immediately went for the kill.  I am disppointed that the Friendsof Alexandra Park didn't include the details in their newsletter - we all need to be aware of the dangers. 

Tessa, I am so terribly sorry about both cats being killed xxx

Could you please join this group?


There is a lot of people walking dogs in Ally Pally, someone may know those 2 dogs and the owner

Hi Anka

Thanks so much for your concern. Unfortunately I am not a Facebook member, (on old-fashioned principle) so can't join AllyPallyDogs.   However, I do very much appreciate allthe help to spread the word.  Please feel free to post any of my comments anywhere if you think it might be useful.   A neighbour saw the man and dogs last week on Tuesday, just about as it was getting light (so even earlier) down on the fields at the bottom of the park, but felt too nervous to take a discreet photo.  Interestingly, apart from the black staffie, he had other "gingery" dogs all running around loose. So more than two.  A nice lady from the cat rescue outfit The Scratching Post is going to ring me later  - theirs was the post whic( alerted me to the first cat's identity.  

Hi I think this sounds like the same dogs who killed one of my cats last October and also killed one of my neighbours cats last June.  Sounds like the same owner who appears to have no control over his dogs, Janice

Janice - so sorry to hear this - but not surprised.  So horrible and shocking.   Which part of the park are you near?  Was it reported to the Park Manager?  Beverley from The Scratching Post is taking an active interest - but lives a long way away. 

Hi I did report it to park manager especially in the light of my my neighbours cat being killed, nobody saw what happened to my cat some kind person just took the body to the vet however my neighbours cat a lady and her daughter were in the park at the time and tried to get the dog off as far as I know.  They said the dog owners were no where in sight .  However my neighbours husband did then say that he had seen the two dogs and their owner in the park before.  Our cats were killed in Redston Playing field so this is someone who takes their dogs all over the park.  I live in Redston Road and have been on the look out but I do not have a dog so dont go walking in the park every day, Janice



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