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we are experiencing quite low water pressure on warham road. Anyone else experiencing this? If so please let Thames Water know. We just reported the issue

Here is the number 0800 316 9800

thanks a lot 


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Not sure if it's related, but there was a burst water main (no idea if it's fixed or not now) on Hornsey High St somewhere. There was a river of water from the Tottenham Lane/Hornsey High St junction to the Wightman Rd junction all morning at least. 

We are experiencing the same issue Dominik.

Thanks for posting and for sharing Thames Water's number. I'll call them now. 


No problem Elena. Thanks for your reply. The more ppl call the more urgently they will address this hopefully. 


And on Wightman. It’s a burst water main (though don’t know exactly where) they spoke to my husband and are apparently fixing it now. 

Thanks Liz

burst water-main on Hornsey high street, Thames water vans are there still there. 

Us too on Wightman! Phoned yesterday to report and told our neighbours upstairs to do the same.

Ours is back working fine this morning - are you still having issues? 

Yup still low at the moment

(Slightly better than yesterday but definitely not the usual pressure)

Yes, forget that. Mine seemed fine first thing but dreadful again now. I guess I got up earlier than most others using the showers/ taps. Damn. 

Ah, good point.



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