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we are experiencing quite low water pressure on warham road. Anyone else experiencing this? If so please let Thames Water know. We just reported the issue

Here is the number 0800 316 9800

thanks a lot 


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Mine is still very low - will give Thames Water a call

Our water pressure is still low on the ladder, have called to report. The more people who call the better. They're still working on it.

Hi, we are having the same problem on Allison Road. I’ve just tried to call Thames water this morning but no answer. I will keep trying. Thanks 

Water still running down from junction of Turnpike Lane and Tottenham Lane towards Wightman Rd. Junction.

It's not lorries is it....

Just got an automated message saying repairs are going on in the area...


Has this been resolved for you yet? I am having the same problem on cross of Wightman Road and Mattison Road. Wondered if there's any update. Seemed to get better earlier but now barely any water at all again.



Nope still very low pressure

Mattison is actually closed in the middle at the moment and theres a big hole in the road with workmen doing stuff for a week apparently. It might be that.


I reported this to Thames Water again.  I would encourage other people to report it too. They wouldn't even let me report it as I'm not on the ground floor so I had to speak to my ground floor neighbours before they would agree to send out an engineer. They kept trying to suggest it was a problem with my property and not their fault. When I explained it was happening to other's on surrounding streets, they still refused to accept it was their issue unless I spoke to someone living on the ground floor. They don't seem to be taking it particularly seriously and it is not clear whether they have actually been sending out engineers when it was reported by you yesterday.



Hi all!

We drove past the burst water pipe and while Thames Water engineers were on site water was still gushing down the street. Still low water pressure here 

We are on Hewitt (it’s been a very eventful weekend in Hewitt!). V low pressure. Just spoken to Thames Water and yes - the burst main on Turnpike Lane is causing massive issues across N4 and N8. Lots of tankers everywhere apparently... no idea of when will be back to normal pressure. 



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