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Really peed .  Last year visiting my mum on a Sunday as we do on a regular basis.  I walked out to find a PCN on windscreen.  I had two one hour permits displayed correctly with timE remaining on them.  Waited for notice to owner to arrive,  logged in to see pictures warden had taken. The disgusting warden hadnt taken pictures of pavement side of vehicle which would clearly have shown permits(CHEAT) .  Tried to appeal online  wouldn't send, contacted Harringay, thay said I'd have to write a letter instead. had  pay for recorded delivery as proof of  sending, (MY HARD EARNED MONEY) . Pcn was  cancelled. Then 2 weeks ago,  arrived at mums at 2pm.walked kids in,  mum gave me a permit, walked back to car, traffic warden wad  writing me a ticket. I asked what he was doing, he said 'you  only get 5 mins'  I said I'd only just arrived, he said, 'dont worry, just scratch permits to start ay 2.05 pm, seemed a decent bloke.  But i thought better  to scratch permits at time i arrived 2pm. Left mums at 5pm went home.  Following thurs received notice to owner saying i drove off not letting him attach pcn to car.been Trying to send appeal online,  again  wont send,  meaning more hard earned money wasted sending recorded delivery.  Worked /lived for years in Haringey,  many people have told me they've had problems with parking department online.  Is it a sneaky ploy to not accept emails hoping people dont bother writing in instead &  say sod it,  i will just pay it, dont want the hassle.  SORT IT OUT HARINGEY. Train your traffic wardens. 

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They prob get bonuses for catches. PCNs are a money earner for Haringey so don't expect them to be easy to deal with. 

Ive appealed my last  5 pcn with Harringay,  won them all, i've told them i want the warden disciplined after the latest incident and demanded i get my money back i have used for postage. Cheeky gits. 

I’ve also found myself at the sharp end of a lying traffic warden. Parked in the pay and display bay on Mattisson without realising my residents permit wasn’t valid. Saw a traffic warden loitering, checked if there was a problem, was told there wasn’t. But came back to a ticket. Appealed but wasn’t successful, so I did pay because I was parked wrongly - and there was no proof I had been told otherwise. 

Many years ago before retirement. Used to Monitor Haringey Traffic Wardens

Tricks they used to get up to

Used to site in Cafes writing up PCN's

One of my other duties was removing Dumped vehicles.                                                                                  Was my plan to remove them before collecting to many PCN's.                                                                             I was authorised to check with DVLA to see if vehicle had a registered owner 

If No registered owner and Police had No interest in vehicle , we could remove them off streets in days

Could not believe the numbers of Tickets issued to vehicles that had been destroyed weeks and months before

Biggest Joke is that Council pays a large percentage licence fee for ever PCN issued.                                         So cancelled PCN's cost the Borough a lot of Money

Changes was brought in by Council. Doubt if same wardens these days 

Reason they was given cameras that record incident

Re Permits , should be on nearest window to Kerb. That's the only one they have to photograph



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