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I was just walking my dog on Langham Road near Downhills Park and saw a man with a puppy on a leash. The puppy was resisting walking, and the man began kicking the puppy down the street like it was a football.

I asked what he was doing and he started yelling at me and threatening to kill my dog. I called the police and told them about it and they said they would send someone. 

I followed him past Waldeck Road and then he doubled back and asked me if I had a problem with him and I said "I'm on the phone with the police" and he hissed "f*ck you" at me. By this point, the guy had zipped up the puppy in his backpack which he was wearing on his front (it was completely zipped, so the puppy will probably suffocate if it's not dead already). 

He turned onto Langham Place and I lost him. I wish I had taken a photo. Honestly, I was frightened that he was going to attack me and I think he would have when he doubled back if I hadn't been on the phone with the police.

The guy was about 5'11, black, around 30, some facial hair, wearing a blue coat and grey sweatpants with two blue stripes up the side. The puppy looked like a black lab, but it was tiny, probably only 8 weeks old. 

I know there's nothing I can do now, but I'm just posting because it was really upsetting to see. The police arrived about 15 minutes later but he was gone. I know someone kicking a puppy probably isn't the most important issue that police deal with, but I can't imagine that someone who would treat an animal this way isn't also hurting the people he lives with, too.

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That sounds horrible Lina, and very distressing for you as well as the poor pup. Well done for not just walking away. I’m not that way often, but when I am I’ll keep an eye out for him.

Hi Lina

The RSPCA 24-hour animal cruelty line is here: https://www.rspca.org.uk/utilities/contactus/reportcruelty

Please report it - you have a good description of the man and know exactly where it happened. Well done for standing up to him, must have been scary.

Yes, well done for reporting him. 

Thanks for the suggestion. I have just filed a report with the RSPCA. I am annoyed with myself for not getting a photo. 

I think you did the best you could have in the circumstances. Given he was aggressive, taking a photo may have been unwise. x

You did the right thing by challenging him and calling the police. He needs to know that it’s unacceptable behaviour. 

He sounds horrible. I hope the police are on the look out for him. At least they came out! 

Well and bravely done Lina.

Well done for not just passing by.  It must have been an upsetting and scary experience 

Well done Lina, wish the police had got there quicker

Thanks for the kind replies, everyone. I do appreciate it!

That is horrific. Someone posted on this site about a local police woman who is a dog lover and helps on cases like this. Not sure if you saw it? I will try and google again.

yes well done. Have the RSPCA responded to you? I reported something once and never heard back which was very disappointing...



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