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I was traipsing round the nether regions of Wood Green late this afternoon grabbing some images for an RPS project. As it struck five I realised that I hadn't eaten since breakfast. Close at hand and ready to come to the rescue was Mauritius Paradise in the Shopping City market hall.  Any excuse, I thought and grabbed myself some rotis and patties and a nice big mug of builder's tea - delicious. (This is becoming something of a guilty pleasure when I pass that way - and very enjoyable it is too.)


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Nice! I tend to get away from Wood Green mall and high street as soon as any pressing tasks to be completed. But this can be indeed a guilty pleasure. Thanks for letting us know!
All sorts of treasures to be found in WG market, there's a lovely Italian cafe in there too where you can actually sit down and enjoy a coffee and a chat. Liz started a Love Wood Green thread a few months ago listing all the positives.
I see, I have not spent long enough time there to know some of the delights. I like Green Lane Parade as most of them are independent shops. In comparison, Wood Green seems a little generic, but I am sure there are interesting places. I like the bookstore a half way down towards Turnpike Lane Sta., though because of the distance from ours we don't spend as much time there. I will check out the liz's thread too.
My new favourite treat when I'm in the Mall is a roti from this stall. Thanks for the tip.



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