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The great documents of the world such as Magna Carta and the Diaries of Anne Frank as well as powerful reminders of past shame like the Book for the Baptism of Slaves from the Dominican republic or cultural high points like the Song of the Nibelungs are being collected on a register of documentary heritage reflecting the diversity of languages, peoples and cultures.

"It is the mirror of the world and its memory. But this memory is fragile. Every day, irreplaceable parts of this memory disappear for ever."

See the full register here

Just wondering if Hugh has submitted his complete Harringay Stadium and Arena archive yet?

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I see that more than one third of the 1,700+mss from the Cistercian Library of Clairvaux have disappeared since 1472. If the monks borrowed these and still haven't returned them, how much do they owe in fines? Even Haringey Libraries' enforcement isn't that slack.



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