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Anyone know what is happening on Middle Lane?

They have installed man operated barriers and are only allowing buses access until the end of October. There are no signs of road works or maintenance taking place so I'm just curious. Possible monitoring scheme to see if a potential long term closure is a viable proposition? 

Causing traffic chaos on Hornsey High Street.

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Yes, it's part of two week trial of road closures as part of the liveable Crouch End project. More info here:



Well this trial is causing gridlock around Hornsey high street, Tottenham lane and elsewhere. So the residents in their million plus houses in & around Crouch End can have a better environment.  What about those who live in the surrounding areas? That's not to mention chaos for the emergency services trying to get around. 

The gridlock on Monday 7th was caused by emergency (electricity) repair works on Tottenham Lane. I suggest reserving any conclusions until after the two week trial period has ended.

Sorry, there was appalling gridlock on Hornsey High Street on Thursdays as well. Very very unpleasant, unnecessary and worst of all self inflicted.

Indeed, I did mention Hornsey high street in my previous post. The roadworks along Tottenham lane are exasperating the situation. Do these companies communicate their plans with the council? Stupid time to be carrying out these works at the same time as the councils road closures. 



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