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Milk deliveries are making a comeback in London as millennials have started using glass milk bottles in a bid to cut down plastic waste.

The Evening Standard recently reported that dairies in the capital had experienced a "phenomenal" upsurge in interest from younger customers at the start of the year amid growing public upset over plastic waste.

In addition to being better for the planet, for my money, the milk tastes better!

For deliveries in Harringay, contact Moreton Dairy

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I've been getting mine from Moreton for a couple of years - they are fab. I'm definitely not a millennial though! There's something really comforting about finding a pinta on your step in the morning.

Moreton are fantastic! Very reliable and easy. We love our milk delivery. 

I had a milk delivery person knock at my door earlier this week asking if I'd like a milk delivery. We used to have deliveries in my street when we moved here (16 yrs ago) but they stopped a long time ago.

Sounds fab, how does it work, as I’m the only one who drinks milk in my household, so prob wouldn’t more than about 4-5 pints/week

We use Morton Dairies who deliver in my area Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can have as many as you like at each delivery and only pick one or two days if the works for you. They leave us a bill once a month

we have been getting milk from moreton dairies . for years. they deliver Monday Wednesday and Friday. we get 1 bottle on Monday and Wednesday and 2 on Friday.... it does us fine. contact them by phone and they will organised your deliveries as you request. we are on effingham road

Could I ask how much they charge for milk, organic semi skimmed in particular? I was in the middle of making dinner when they called so didn't ask and I can't find prices on their website.

Also what time do they deliver? My dog is very territorial and barks a lot at anyone coming to the door. I don't want to be woken up by furious barking at 6am, for example.

95p a bottle for organic. Ours always arrived at 4am, but recently I've heard the milkman (Ian if I recall) arriving a little later. I would only hear him stop at ours and then one other door before I could no longer hear the electric milkfloat, but now I hear several stops before and after, so his customer base must have indeed increased.

One niggle we have is occasionally we have to throw away a bottle as it can go off quicker than supermarket milk, even though it is within the use-by date (and we don't store the milk in the fridge door). This is especially the case in summer as we have a south facing door and it may get too warm - a cooler bag may help during the warmer months. Despite this, we enjoy receiving fresh milk on our doorstep and reducing our plastic use.

I get milk delivered in Bowes Park. Contact me for details of the milkman. I also have details of my former milkmen in Muswell Hill and Friern Barnet. 


I'd be interested in the contact details of the Muswell Hill milkman


I used Mike Goddard when I was at the side of Muswell Hill near to Cranley Gardens. His number is: 07849 365609.

I used Mick when I lived in Barnard Hill off Colney Hatch Lane. 07961 994879.

They can direct you to others if you are in a different area. 



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