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Am I right in thinking there is a milkman doing doorstep deliveries on the Ladder? We would love to switch to having milk delivered in an effort to reduce our plastic waste, so if anyone has the details of the company behind it, please can you share. Thanks!

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There are plenty of posts on here if you do a search. 


Thanks! I did see those but as they were all quite old posts I thought it was worth asking again.

We’ve been using Moreton for years. They’ve never let us down (no interruption in delivery during the snow last week for instance)


Brilliant, thanks!

Somebody came round to me in Sydney Road only yesterday he is dropping off a pack for me on Monday - I'll let you have the details.

He seemed really nice - delivers very early on Mondays/Wednesdays and Fridays

We're on Sydney too. Is it Moreton that you're using?

We've just joined Moreton Dairies too for the same reasons as you.  And there is something really nice about glass bottles!  I particularly like the fact that you can pay your bill monthly online.  The chap that popped round to us was lovely and they gave us a call a couple of weeks in to see how we were getting on which was nice.  I'm definitely pleased I've switched.

I have used Moreton dairies for years,and though initially with family I needed lots of milk,now less as it's only me,but they are happy enough to adjust to my needs.I love it and am sure the milk tastes better than that from plastic containers.

it's not organic or fair trade milk though is it - they say they use 'Red Tractor' milk but RT is just a whitewash by farmers who won't sign up to proper welfare or environmental standards


We've been receiving organic milk deliveries from Moreton Dairies for a few years now.

I couldn’t see anything about the Red Tractor thing on the Moreton website.  Fairtrade don’t have their scheme for milk in the U.K. as far as I could find out


It's also worth putting out a small cool bag in the warmer months, especially if your door is south facing, so the milk stays cool and lasts longer.



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